Cardbox on the Eee: 2 – installing Cardbox on Wine

These instructions assume that you have already installed Wine. Although we talk about the Eee and use screenshots from the Eee, the installation should work the same way on most systems with Wine.

1. Go to the Cardbox Client download page and click on the link that says “Cardbox 3.0 installer”. Firefox will say something like this:


  • If for some reason Firefox doesn’t recognise the Windows Executable type, it will only offer you a “Save to disk” option. This seems to happen if you use versions of Wine that don’t set up Firefox properly (we came across the problem when using the latest version of Wine from Wine HQ, instead of the official one in the Debian repository). You can still install Cardbox, by saving the file to disk and then explicitly using Wine to start instcli.exe.

2. Once the file has been downloaded, Wine may warn you that it is about to start a Windows program:

Query Launch

If it asks you this question, say Yes.

3. Wine will start the Cardbox installer. It may also display another warning message:

Startup warning

This message will go away by itself after a while, or you can press Dismiss to get rid of it immediately.

4. The Cardbox installer will start.

Cardbox installer

Follow the instructions. At the end you will be asked whether to install icons on the desktop and the Start menu. With the present versions of Wine these icons never seem to appear anyway, but there is no harm in asking them to be installed: newer versions of Wine may make them visible.

5. It is now possible to run Cardbox. How to run it will be the subject of another posting, but just to encourage you here is a screenshot from the Eee.

Running Cardbox


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