Cardbox on the Eee: 1 – installing Wine

The Asus Eee is a very small, very cheap laptop that runs Linux. It makes a good testbed for software strategies involving cheap mass-computing devices such as the One Laptop Per Child.

Cardbox is a Windows program, and Linux is not Windows. Wine is meant to let Windows programs run on Linux: can it bridge this gap?

A commercial product based on Wine exists, and it’s called CrossOver Linux. Based on our experience with CrossOver Mac, CrossOver Linux is likely to be a stable, easy-to-use program; but it costs money. With a single-copy retail price of (currently) $40, it doesn’t cost much; but $40 is still money. The Eee is pitched at the sort of people who don’t buy software, the OLPC even more so. If CodeWeavers are planning to give away CrossOver Linux for the OLPC, I haven’t heard of it, so it’s worth seeing just how far one can go with Wine, which is free.

To use Wine, you have to install it. There are some excellent instructions here, which we have repeated and amplified a little on this page on the Cardbox web site.


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