Programming note: tooltips

This posting is of historical interest. It exists to help other programmers who may come across the same problem.

Once Cardbox was working under Wine, we found something very awkward about using it. Whenever you moved the mouse onto a button, intending to click it, Cardbox would lose the input focus and you would have to click the mouse twice: once to get the focus back to Cardbox and once to click the button.

Observation showed that this happened with any control that had a tooltip that popped up when the mouse was over the tooltip.It turns out that while Windows allows you to create tooltips with


Wine requires you to use


to prevent the tooltip from seizing the input focus.

Once this change was made, buttons behaved normally and only needed to be clicked once. Fortunately Windows does not object to the use of WS_POPUP, so there was no need for Cardbox to detect Wine and behave differently for it.

Programs such as Internet Explorer suffer from the same problem for the same reason, but of course no-one has access to Internet Explorer’s source code to make the necessary changes. Wine itself needs to be corrected.


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