Wine/CrossOver: our commitment

We aim to eliminate any bug that makes Cardbox behave badly under CrossOver or Wine. This means anything that makes Cardbox crash or even behave in an inconvenient way (for example, by not displaying the Help button in an error message that offers help).

To this end, we commit ourselves to running Cardbox on CrossOver Mac ourselves, and on Linux using Wine.

  • If we come across a problem then we will identify it.
  • If it is a bug in Cardbox, we will correct it.
  • If it is a problem with Wine that we can work round, we will work round it.
  • If it is a problem with Wine that we can’t work round, we will give a specific, accurate description to the CrossOver and Wine teams and work with them to find a correction to their bug.

Moreover, we will publish guides and instructions for using Cardbox with these programs, so that as many people as possible can benefit from the Cardbox experience.

In doing this, we have the tremendous advantage that we wrote the program ourselves. This means that we can investigate problems more deeply than an ordinary user, and that our bug reports can identify exactly what Windows functions are implemented incorrectly in Wine. It also means that we can modify Cardbox, if necessary, so that it runs better under Wine (without affecting its performance under Windows).


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